Case Studies

    Retaining a Senior Partner through Acquisition
    A global firm acquired a boutique firm on the strength and reputation of the boutique's senior partner.
    The partner resisted integrating into the acquirer's new culture and the firm was concerned they would lose their
    entire investment.

    After Laura Lopata explained to the partner how the firm's infrastructure worked, what the firm valued, and
    how to communicate with the other partners, the partner began to integrate. Through our work together the
    partner was successfully repositioned and has grown the practice area into one the firm's most profitable.

    External Eminence with No Internal Respect
    A rainmaking partner whose expertise was widely sought by Fortune 50 clients was regularly passed over
    for promotions due to a lack of regard within their firm. The partner was frustrated and was entertaining a
    tempting offer from one of the firm's largest clients.  

    We strengthened the partner's internal network, built internal eminence, navigated difficult management and
    successfully positioned the partner for a key high profile internal role.  The partner succeeded beyond all
    measure, brought tremendous value to the firm, and is enjoying the eminence they so richly deserved.

    Senior Partner Learns to Make Rain
    A change in corporate structure made a senior partner who got all of their work by referral have to learn
    how to network and sell in order to survive. Through our work together they learned how to raise their
    profile, be first through the door, develop new client relationships and sell enough business to keep
    everyone happy.

    Senior Executive Caught Up in Management Change
    An extremely successful senior executive and ongoing client was unexpectedly slated for termination
            when there was a change in management. With little time to secure a new internal position we designed a
   plan and worked the client's extensive network to create a position in a more prominent area of the firm
  where the client's considerable talents are being fully recognized and rewarded.

    International Rainmaker Needs to Fit
    An international and diverse executive was brought into a global organization as a rainmaker. The executive
    made plenty of rain, but was perceived as being overly aggressive both internally and with the organization's
    clients. Talk was starting that they were perhaps not a good fit despite the massive revenues the executive was
    generating. We repaired burnt bridges and made sure the executive's behavior reflected the values of the
    organization they were representing. The situation was successfully turned around and the executive has gained
    the respect of the organization and their clients.

    Young Partner, Big Challenge
    A highly accomplished international and diverse young partner was unexpectedly thrust into a leadership
    role at one of their organization's most important accounts during a critical time in a difficult market. Through
    our work together the partner was accepted as a respected leader, set and implemented a strategic vision,
    energized a team of hundreds of people and successfully weathered the difficult market.

    Reinventing a Senior Associate into a Partner #1
    A well liked senior associate was told that they would most likely never advance due to presentation and
    communication issues. The associate requested a coach and we were introduced.

    After completing a 360 degree assessment, we worked on strengthening the associate's communication,
    presentation and image skills. We deepened the associate's internal network and support system, while
    making sure the associate's interactions were flawless. The associate's superiors were so impressed with the
    changes made that the associate made partner the following year.

    Reinventing a Senior Associate into a Partner #2
    An international and diverse senior associate had been passed over for partnership due to a disagreement with
    an influential partner and was seriously considering an offer from a competing firm.

    During our work together the client repaired the relationship with the disgruntled partner and learned how
    the internal communications of the firm worked to prevent a similar situation from occurring again. The next
    year the client was invited to join the partnership.
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