Executive Coaching

    How it Works
    You have an extremely talented Senior Executive or High Potential who is preparing for or is taking on a big
    challenge. They are incredible at what they do, but there is something which is keeping them from reaching their
    full potential. They may be new to the organization and not understand your corporate culture, they may need to
    strengthen their executive presence, leadership or communication skills, they may need help understanding the
    political nuances of the firm at their new level or they may need to learn to play better with others. They need help
    to ensure their continued success and that is when you call Laura Lopata.

    Laura Lopata listens to you and the client about the perceived nature of the difficulty. If necessary
    a 360 degree evaluation is performed, and an action plan is designed specifically for the client. The plan
            is executed through a series of meetings which take place either in person or by telephone over a period of nine to
  eighteen months so there is ample time for the client to absorb, integrate and internalize the desired adjustments.
  After the work is finished, the client is always welcome to get in touch should they have any
    further questions. Several years down the road when the client is asked to take on yet another large challenge,
    Laura Lopata is often re-engaged to work with the client again, building on their longstanding relationship.
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