Frequently Asked Questions

    What makes you different?
    Every client and situation is unique. I listen and observe, and then design an individualized strategy and implement it
    to ensure that the client internalizes the changes and makes them their own. Management is consistently impressed
    with how quickly change is seen and how lasting the results are.

    What are your specialties?
    Motivating brilliant but difficult personalities to adjust their ways, shaping a presentation or strategy for greatest
    success, solving complex problems, working with international and diverse clients, deciphering and explaining
    corporate cultures, and helping good smart people in tight positions to handle and overcome big challenges.

    Do you work in particular industries?
    Financial Services, Professional Services, Healthcare and the Arts, though the method can be applied anywhere.

    What levels do you coach?
    Senior Executives and High Potentials.

    What are you best known for?
    Helping clients make huge, seemingly impossible leaps, securely, changing behavior and perceptions, and making
    sure that our work is sustainable in the long term.

    Who is your typical client?
    While there is no typical client, there are traits all of my clients share. My clients are smart, highly driven women
    and men, experts in their fields, who either are or will be leaders at their respective firms and in their communities.

    How long does the average engagement last?
    Between nine and eighteen months in order to sustain long term change. After that, clients are always welcome to get
    in touch if they have any questions. I am often re-engaged with a client several years down the road to help them take
    on new challenges.

    When are you most likely to be engaged?
    Usually when a Senior Executive or High Potential is at or approaching a milestone. My clients are very bright,
    driven and successful, but there is something in their behavior or level of understanding in a particular area that
    may need to be slightly, but crucially, adjusted in order for them to succeed at their new level. Onboarding, new
    position, new responsibility, change in management or structure are all entry points.

    What is the time commitment?
    Four to six hours in the first month as we are getting to know each other. After that, two hours a month in person
    or by phone is the norm.

    Favorite clients?
    Those who are committed to the process with supportive bosses and a willingness to try what I am suggesting even
    if you don't quite trust me yet. I don't mind if you are highly skeptical, many who are end up being my biggest fans.

    When won't I work with you?
    If management has decided the client is leaving before we start, if you decide you are leaving before we start, if you
    are abusive or if I am not given enough hours with the client to do the job properly.

    Geographical areas covered?
    My clients are mostly US based, but I have international clients as well.

    Most little known fact?
    My father was founder and CEO of a Nasdaq listed company. The talk around our dinner table was predominately
    about business and many times his friends, fellow CEOs, would join us. Most of what I know about business,
    I learned from them.
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