Strategic Consulting

    Client and Venture Capital Presentations:
    You have a critical meeting with a potential client or investor. How you tell and present your story may
    make the difference between success and failure.

    Laura Lopata makes sure you tell the story in the most compelling way possible. Together we make sure the
    presentation looks as it should and that your people, whether they be a team that works together all day or a
    group of individuals flown in from around the globe who have never met before, work together as one. We
    determine what is most important to the client, identify the decision makers and influencers, strategize  to
    mitigate what the competition is likely to say and do, anticipate what the question and answer session is
    likely to include and assign who is going to follow up with whom to increase your chances of success.

    For Your Firm:
    Laura Lopata designs short and long term plans for your organization or division in order to move your
    organization and people forward. Areas offered include: talent development, succession planning, moving
    innovative plans through management, reading long term tea leaves, and when and how to batten down the
    hatches and putting those plans into motion.
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